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Child Soldiers, Uganda, Kony 2012

Law Professor Says Kony 2012 Oversimplifies Problem of Child Soldiers

A Washington and Lee University law professor who has written extensively about child soldiers believes the Kony2012 Campaign unduly simplifies the problem of child soldiering.


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Kony 2012: A College Student’s Firsthand Experience


Hunter DeKoninck, a senior at Wake Forest University, traveled to Northern Uganda last summer. There, he helped rehabilitate soldiers abducted into the guerilla leader’s rebel forces in the early 2000s – most of whom were children at the time of their abduction. Before “Kony 2012” generated international news attention and more than 50 million views, DeKoninck created his own YouTube video about his experience in Uganda, the struggles of people he met, and their attempts to move on with their lives. In “Post Conflict Reconciliation,” he aims to capture the essence of forgiveness.

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