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WashU Launches New Tool to Speed Up Tech Commercialization


Washington University in St. Louis is launching the Quick Start License, a new tool that helps clear the path for faculty and staff to launch startup companies and accelerate the pace of bringing innovations to the marketplace.



Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas, Higher Education, Start-ups, Business, Entrepreneurs, Inventions, Electronics

Three University of Utah Spin-Offs to Exhibit Technologies at Prestigious Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Three products created by U students will be featured at the 2015 International CES, the world’s largest and best-known technology trade show scheduled for Jan. 6 - 9 in Las Vegas. The U’s notable showing at CES reflects its expanding place in developing industry-leading electronics technologies, and its dedication to developing inventions with practical applications.



darden school of business, University Of Virginia, Michael Lenox, Andrew King, Asif Mehedi , Charles Eesley, Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, The Economic Impact of Entrepreneurial Alumni: A Case Study of the University of Virginia, Stanford University, University of Virginia Alumni Association, U.Va. Center for Survey Research

U.Va. Darden School Survey Shows U.Va. Entrepreneurs’ Significant Impact on Economy


An in-depth survey of the University of Virginia’s entrepreneurial alumni details their dramatic impact on the international, national and Virginia economies.



Rfid, NDSU Research, c2sensor, RFID sensors, biocomposites, precision agriculture, Biodegradable, Microsensors

Technology Created at NDSU Licensed to c2sensor


A technology developed at North Dakota State University, Fargo, creates precise in-the-ground measurement and monitoring of soil and crop conditions which could provide opportunities for greater yields. The technology also has led to a new start-up company. The c2sensor corp., based in the NDSU Technology Incubator, has concluded a license agreement with the NDSU Research Foundation (NDSU/RF) for the precision agriculture technology.



College, Higher Education, Entrepreneurship, Christmas gifts, Retail, Students

University of Utah Students Create “Coziest Pants in the World”


A pair of University of Utah students has launched a line of uniquely designed pants — dubbed Sakpants — through a university-sponsored entrepreneurship program and completing a crowdsource funding campaign to raise capital for their business endeavor.



Entreprenership, Venture Capitalists, Business Research, Business, Business Ethics, ethical behavior, Hot Topics, expert sources

Entrepreneurs to Venture Capitalists: Don’t Be a Scrooge


A recently published study of more than 550 decisions and responses from 144 experienced entrepreneurs reveals that “knowledge of explicit ethical or unethical behavior (by venture capitalists) profoundly shapes the entrepreneurs’ willingness to partner.”



Entrepreneur, Entreprenership, Startup, Startups, Corporate Culture, misfit, Rebels, corporate life, Job Satisfaction, Job Mobility, Organizations, Inequality, Chicago Booth

Not All Entrepreneurs Are Corporate Rebels, Study Finds

In many cases, entrepreneurs aren’t corporate misfits, but just the opposite, according to new research from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.


Pop Culture


Entreprenership, Coffee, women entrepreneurs, Women, UN, United Nations, School of Business, Business Schools, Student Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur

Student Entrepreneur Coffee Will Fuel Ideas at UN for Women's Entrepreneurship Day


Nearly 100 pounds of Clarkson Entrepreneur Coffee will fuel the ideas of the participants in the inaugural Women's Entrepreneurship Day at the United Nations on November 19.




Research Examines Whether It’s Possible to Be Addicted to Entrepreneurship


Research by Alexander McKelvie, chair and associate professor in the department of entrepreneurship and emerging enterprises, and J. Michael Haynie, Barnes Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University, examines why some entrepreneurs keep starting new businesses. Researchers looked at the underlying psychological processes that may motivate some entrepreneurs to repeatedly engage in new businesses, despite the possible risks to personal relationships and health. The paper, titled “Habitual Entrepreneurs: Possible Cases of Behavioral Addition?” was published in the Journal of Business Venturing. Co-author was April Spivack (University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh).



Entreprenership, Student Achievement, Students, Student Innovation, student inventions, Student Entrepreneurs, Iphone, Iphone Apps, 3D printing, Commercialization, Innovation, Inventions, Technology, Technology Development

Student Inventors Get Boost to Commercialize Color 3-D Printing, iPhone App


Applying a similar approach to the 3-D printer, a group of University of Wisconsin-Madison students are commercializing a device that adds color to a printer that now dominates the market. Their business idea was one of two student projects to receive an Igniter grant from the university’s Discovery to Product (D2P) office.

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