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Manufacturing, advanced manufacaturing, conformal cooling, molding, Casting, steel production, injection molding

ORNL, HTS International Corporation to Collaborate on Manufacturing Research


HTS International Corporation and the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory have signed an agreement to explore potential collaborations in advanced manufacturing research.




Infant, infant head trauma, Head Trauma, Head Injury, Crash Fatality, Crash, Modeling, Modeling & Simulation, Biomechanics, Safety, Child Safety, Child Safety Restraints, Cardiff University, Engineering, Mississippi State University, criminal investigation, Fracture, Brain Injury, Skull, Bagley College of Engineering

Grant Will Fund MSU and UK Research to Advance Understanding of Infant Head Trauma


A research collaboration between Mississippi State University and Cardiff University in the United Kingdom aims to increase understanding of infant head trauma.



NASA, National Aeronautics And Space Administration, Berkeley, Berkeley Lab, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, LBNL, Materials Science, Materials, Parachute, Spacecraft, Mars Mission, MARS, Solar System

A New Paradigm in Parachute Design


X-ray-based experiments at Berkeley Lab will simulate -- in microscopic detail -- spacecraft parachute fabric performance in the extreme conditions of other planets’ atmospheres.



computer science and engineering

$50m Endowment Establishes the Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering

A $50 million endowment for the newly established Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering from Allen and Microsoft will propel the UW to the forefront of computer science education and innovation for generations to come.



IUPAC, Award, Chemistry, Engineering, Jaqueline L. Kiplinger

Jaqueline L. Kiplinger Receives the IUPAC 2017 Distinguished Women in Chemistry Award


Los Alamos National Laboratory Fellow Jaqueline Kiplinger was recognized this week with the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) 2017 Distinguished Women in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering award. Kiplinger was one of 12 women recognized this year internationally and the only recipient of this honor from the United States.



Spintronics, spintronic memory, Nanophotonics

Researchers Flip Magnetic Memory Cell with Light Pulse at Record Speed


University of Minnesota electrical and computer engineering researchers have created a magnetic tunnel junction that can be switched by a pulse of light lasting one trillionth of a second—a new record. This advancement holds promise for the development of new, optically controlled, ultrafast magnetic devices for innovations in information storage, processing, and communication.



Supercomputer, Physics, Physical Sciences & Engineering, Facilities, Centers and Institutes, Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, Mathematics, computing, & computer science, Supercomputing & high-performance computing, Collider physics, particle physcis, Theoretical Physics

High-Precision Calculations on Supercomputers Help Reveal the Physics of the Universe


Argonne researchers have developed a new theoretical approach, ideally suited for high-performance computing systems, capable of making predictive calculations about particle interactions that conform almost exactly to experimental data. This new approach could give scientists a valuable tool for describing new physics and particles beyond those currently identified.



carbon reduction, Clean Energy, Solar Energy, Green Energy, Materials Science, Solar Power, Graphene, carbon-neutral fuel, Alternative Fuel, Alternative Energy, Molecular Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Greenhouse Gases, Global Warming

Chemists Create Molecular 'Leaf' That Collects and Stores Solar Power Without Solar Panels


An international research team centered at Indiana University have engineered a molecule that uses light or electricity to convert the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide -- a carbon-neutral fuel source -- more efficiently than any other method of "carbon reduction." The discovery, reported today in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, is a new milestone in the quest to recycle carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere into carbon-neutral fuels and others materials.



Center For Nanoscale Materials, Environment, Nanoscience, Thin Films

Argonne Invents Reusable Sponge That Soaks Up Oil, Could Revolutionize Oil Spill and Diesel Cleanup

Scientists at Argonne have invented a new foam, called Oleo Sponge, that not only easily adsorbs spilled oil from water, but is also reusable and can pull dispersed oil from the entire water column—not just the surface.



Towards Mastering Terahertz Waves?


The terahertz waves span frequency ranges between the infrared spectrum (used, for example, for night vision) and gigahertz waves (which find their application, among other, in Wi-Fi connections).

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