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Oil Spill, Environment, Disaster, Wetlands, Expert Alert

Oil Spill Means Crisis for Wetlands

The environmental and economic impacts of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will likely be devastating, says Dr. Julia Cherry, assistant professor in New College and Biological Sciences.




Law and Public Policy


Oil Spill, Gulf Of Mexico, BP, Environmental Disaster

Oil Company Faces Massive Environmental Liability in Wake of Spill: Cornell University Expert

Jeffrey J. Rachlinski, Cornell University Professor of Law and an expert in environmental law, comments on the liability facing BP as a result of the ongoing Gulf of Mexico oil spill.



Florida State University, Oil Spill, Oil Spill Academic Task Force

Oil Spill Experts At The Florida State University

Officials say it may take up to three months to seal off a leaking oil well 5,000 feet below the surface of the Gulf of Mexico that has created a massive environmental crisis that could affect much of the Gulf coast. The Florida State University, which is leading a statewide Oil Spill Academic Task Force to assist the Gulf region in preparing for and responding to the oil spill, is home to some of the nation’s top experts in measuring and modeling the magnitude and trajectory of the spill, providing information on the potential and actual ecological impacts of the oil and evaluating risks associated with the spill. The spill followed an explosion on April 20.

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