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Law and Public Policy


User Generated Content, Censorship, Online Video, Copyright, Fair Use, Anti Piracy, Youtube

Online Video at Risk of Private Censorship

A new, first-of-its-kind study conducted by American University Professors Pat Aufderheide and Peter Jaszi finds that many online videos creatively use copyrighted materials in ways that are eligible for fair use consideration under copyright law; In short, they potentially are using copyrighted material legally.




Online School, Web 2.0, Social Networking, Vlogs, Blogs, Distance Learning, Web Conferencing, Digital Technologies, Interactivity, Animation, Entertainment

Online School Soars into Fall with Next Generation Virtual Campus


AnimationMentor.com, the online character animation school® that is a cross between youtube, myspace and art school, takes online learning to the next level with its fall '07 virtual campus. Students from more than 40 countries worldwide will attend a school steeped in web 2.0 and enabled by one-of-a-kind proprietary digital teaching tools.


Social and Behavioral Sciences


BLOG, Blogging, Web 2.0, Elected Officials, Public Agencies

Professor Documents Blogging Revolution Among Elected Officials, Public Agencies

A new report by a Southeastern Louisiana University management professor and issued by the IBM-based Center for the Business of Government examines how blogging is becoming an increasingly common method for elected officials and public agencies to communicate with constituencies. The report chronicles blogging activities at all levels of government, including members of Congress, governors, mayors police and fire departments.



Web, Software, Parakey, Blake, Ross, Firefox, Myspace, Content, Management, Internet

The Firefox Kid

As Web 2.0 takes hold, Blake Ross, co-inventor of the Firefox browser, prepares his own second act.

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