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Ethics, Electronic, Technology, Information, Society, Gatekeeper, Management, Mason

Ethics of Information Management

The age of information is also the age of organization. The authors set an agenda to make organizations more responsive to the ethical needs of information handling, as well as usage.


Innovation, Competition, U.S. Japan, Emerging Markets, New Products

For Some, Radical Innovations May Give An Edge

Rushing radically innovative new products to market with a minimum of "polish" may give large U.S. companies a competitive edge over their Japanese counterparts in emerging or "high uncertainty" markets, according to research at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. This "radical" recommendation comes from a seven-year study of 104 new electronics products developed in the U.S. and Japan.


Community, Economic, Development, CED, National, Seminar

First National Seminar on Community Economic Development

The first national seminar March 21-28 in Community Economic Development will teach people how to make a valuable contribution in their community by helping it prosper economically. Participants gain skills in community leadership and economic development while gathering knowledge about the popular new field.


Internet, Pricing, Usage Based, Competition

Pricing Strategy Must Change for Internet Providers

After extensively studying models of Internet pricing among competing networks, researchers at the University of Texas found that usage-based pricing can be far more profitable than the flat pricing scheme introduced by America On Line (AOL). The customer dissatisfaction with on-line congestion and pending law suits against access providers highlight the short-sightedness of this current pricing strategy.


Venture, Capital, Private, Investor, Entrepreneur, Investments, Growth

Venture Capital and Private Investor Involvement in Entrepreneurial Firms

Equity investments in entrepreneurial firms continue to grow in number and dollar amounts from both venture capital and private investment sources. Increasingly, these two sources of capital play an important role in the development of new and existing entrepreneurial ventures. Due to the sometimes hurried attempt to turn their dream into a reality, entrepreneurs may fail to consider similarities and differences in the value-added benefits supplied by venture capital firms and private investors. Who the entrepreneur gets his/her money from is just as important as how much capital is obtained initially.



Virtual, Reality, Training, Decision, Tool, Education, Learning.

Virtual Reality Training Decision Tool

Research Triangle Institute and Adams Consulting Group, Inc. have announced the availability of a tool that will help organizations evaluate whether Virtual Reality (VR) training programs are appropriate for specific training needs. VR Training Decision Tool gives managers and professionals in training, performance improvement, information technology, human resources, multimedia development, safety, manufacturing and other fields a way of quantifying the decision to use VR. This tool is available free of charge.


Participative, Management, Employee, Teams, Workplace, Job, Satisfaction

Participative Management Hurts Employee Relations

One of the hot new trends in management -- worker participation -- has been touted as a boon to employees because it allows them to play an active role in making decisions involving their jobs. But such management systems, which often involve workplace teams, may hurt relations among co-workers, a new study suggests.


WIN, Investment, Market, Rational, Rationality, Expected, Utility

Big 'winners' may play a different game

The biggest winners in an investment market may be playing the game according to their own rules, rather the "rational" economic rules followed by most investors.


Business, Education, Schools, FORD, Foundation, Carnegie, Corporation

Foundation Reports On Business Schools: Damaging?

The 1959 Ford and Carnegie reports on business schools caused severe and probably permanent damage to business education, forcing it into a narrow and overly-theoretical mold, says dr. Carter Daniel, of Rutgers Graduate School of Management, in his forthcoming book "MBA: The First Century."


Women, Managers, Gender, Differences, Ethnic, Management

Do Black Women Managers Have To Act White?

Black women managers exhibit characteristics that give them exceptional strength, says Assistant Professor DT Ogilvie of Rutgers Graduate School of Management. They are more likely to have male-associated traits as well as female ones, to sense gender inequality strongly, to be able to handle several roles at once, and to break down traditional constraints.

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