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Investment, Stock, Finance, Training, Management, Funds

Students Play the Market, Benefit from Profit

Students at universities around the country are learning money management and investment skills by making real-life stock market investments with donated money.


Restaurant, Donations, Hunger, Hotel, Management, Food, Pantries

As Restaurants Become Better Managed, Food Donations to Human-Service Agencies Decline

Donations of leftovers by restaurants to food pantries and other human service agencies are declining marketdly as restaurants become better managed, according to a study by Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration.


PAY, Performance, Human, Resource, High Performing, Employee, Retention, Turnover

Pay Hikes, Not Promotions, Help Keep Valued Employees

Cornell University researchers have found that pay hikes, not promotions, are critical in retaining high-performing employees. Looking at more than 5,000 petroleum company employees showed that high salary growth proved critical in retaining high performers. promotions, on the other hand, had no effect on turnover of those high performers.



Environment, International, Subsidies, Trade, WTO, YALE, Policies

U.S.-Japan Study Group Offers Environmental Policy Recommendations

Trade and environment experts from the United States and Japan today (July 2) issued a joint statement offering recommendations for better management of environmental issues by international organizations such as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC) and the World Trade Organization (WTO). Recommendations included a more focused mandate for the WTO's Committee on Trade and Environment, and closer attention by policy makers to the idea of forming a global environmental organization that would operate in tandem with the WTO.


Business, Growth, Semiconductor

Too Much of a Good Thing?

In business, too much of a good thing can be hazardous to your health, says Stanford Business School's William Barnett, who took a close look at the volatile semiconductor industry to see why certain companies survive the industry's notorious shakeouts and others do not. He found that when a company introduces more than one product at a time, the firm benefits from its larger size, but also suffers a higher risk of failure. In other words, while growth is good, growing all at once is not.


Entrepreneur, Manager, Decision, Making, Corporate

Entrepreneurs Overconfident, Prone to Generalizations

Entrepreneurs think differently than corporate managers when it comes to making business decisions -- and not in ways that seem favorable at first glance. A new study of 219 entrepreneurs and managers found that entrepreneurs were more likely to be overconfident about the correctness of their decisions and were more prone to make broad generalizations based on limited experience.


Workaholic, Workplace, Achievement, Career, Job, Performance

Some Workaholics May Be Happy and Productive

Workaholics have a bad reputation as people whose obsession with work is often harmful to themselves and possibly even bad for their companies. But a new analysis of previous research suggests that there may be "good" workaholics: people who work a lot because they enjoy their jobs, have strong career identities and a desire for upward mobility.


Business, Corporations, Learning, Experience

Corporations Learn from Each Other

We're all supposed to learn from the success and failures of others. It's far less painful than making our own mistakes. But do corporations really learn from the experiences of other firms? Stanford Business School's Pamela Haunschild finds that they do.


Innovation, Technology, Production, Success, Entrepreneur

Low-cost Production, High-tech Success

Innovation is always necessary if a firm is to become a leader in the high-technology area, say Stanford Business School's Evan Porteus and Glen Schmidt. But while the ability to innovate can get a firm to the top, it alone is unlikely to keep it there as new technologies and the generations of products that accompany them arise.


Securities, Stock, Market, Analysts, Earnings, Forecast

Beware Securities Analysts' Forecasts

The securities research analysts who advise your broker on the best stock market picks may not be trying to mislead you deliberately, but beware of their rosy attitudes.

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