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Neo Therapeutics, Glasky, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's, Society For Neurosciences, Ait 082

Findings On Alzheimer'S Therapy

Alvin J. Glasky, Ph.D., president and CEO of NeoTherapeutics, Inc., will present research findings on AIT-082, a potential new therapy for the treatment of memory impairments associated with Alzheimer's disease, stroke and spinal cord injuries, at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in New Orleans, LA.


Genetics, Therapy, DNA, Vaccination, Immunization

LSU researchers Develop Gene Therapy Techniques

Vaccinations may ultimately take their place beside leeches in medical history if promising methods of inserting DNA into animal tissues works out.


Web, Accessibility, Disabilities, Computers

Web Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities

Information technology plays an increasingly important role in our lives through its impact on work, commerce, scientific and engineering research, education and social interaction. Technology developed for the "typical" user, however, may inadvertantly create barriers for people with disabilities. The World Wide Web currently presents many such barriers.


Education, Computer, Science, Teachers, fish, Ultrasonic, Sound

NSF TIPSHEET -- October 17, 1997

Sandy Madison hopes to increase the percentage of young women she sees in her introductory computer class at University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point. She is designing a summer program for high school teachers and girls with the help of a National Science Foundation (NSF)grant. The 1999 change from Pascal to C++ programming language for high school advanced placement (AP) computer science tests means that most AP teachers nationwide will need training in C++ and associated teaching techniques. The American shad can detect high-frequency sounds, an adaptation that may allow the fish to escape its principal predator, dolphins.


Gamma-ray Bursts Produce Down-to-Earth Results

LSU astronomers studying gamma-ray bursts have developed a sensor that can be used for such diverse things as detecting lead in paint or tumors in mammograms.


Asthma, Emergency, Diagnostic, Treatment, unit, EDTU, Alternative

Emergency Diagnostic and Treatment Units (EDTUs) may Decrease Hospitalization Rates for Adults with Acute Asthma

Emergency Diagnostic and Treatment Units (EDTUs) may offer an alternative to inpatient hospitalization for adults suffering from a reversible disease such as acute asthma. The study, funded by the Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR), shows that most EDTU patients had clinical outcomes equivalent to the inpatients, overall lower costs, greater patient satisfaction and an improved quality of life.


Osteoporosis, Bones, Exercise, Menopause, Women, Calcium, loss

Studies Indicate Swimming Keeps Bones Strong

Osteoporosis -- the loss of bone calcium -- is a problem most women face after menopause. But recent studies by LSU researchers show that swimming may be a key to keeping bones strong.


Evidence Based, Practice, Centers, EPCs, Ahcpr

AHCPR Announces First Evidence Report Topics

The Agency for Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR) announces the first set of topics it has assigned to its 12 Evidence-based Practice Centers (EPCs). The findings will be published as evidence reports or technology assessments, which will form the basis of other organizations' guidelines, quality improvement projects, and purchasing decisions.


New Fabric Being Developed at LSU

A new fabric being developed by LSU researchers promises to be as soft and absorbent as cotten but as wrinkle-resistant as polyester.


Nino, Climate, Rainfall, GULF, Coast, Weather, Winter

What we know about El Nino

Predicting weather patterns caused by El Nino is more an art than a science, but there are a number of things we do know.

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