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Terrorism, Chemical, Biological

Annals of Emergency Medicine Examines Medical Response Preparations for Chemical and Biological Terrorism and Presents New Studies on Pain Management, TB, and HIV

Recommendations for responding to chemical and biological terrorism and new studies on pain management, tuberculosis, and HIV transmission are presented in the August issue of Annals of Emergency Medicine, reflecting the broad spectrum of issues that relate to emergency medicine.


Carbohydrate, Synthesis, Supplements, Enzyme, Production, Fusion, Protein

Sweet Enzyme Combination for Carbohydrate Therapeutics

By hooking two enzymes involved in carbohydrate synthesis together a bifunctional enzyme is created that appears to work more effectively than either enzyme alone. As well as facilitating the synthesis of carbohydrate therapeutics and supplements, the approach could be useful in simplifying enzyme production.


skin, Dermatologists, Primary, care, Preventive

Dermatologists Should Provide Primary Care for Skin Disease

Though many managed care systems steer patients with skin problems to primary care doctors on the supposition that they will get comprehensive care as well, a new Wake Forest study indicates patients with skin problems get no more comprehensive care than they would from dermatologists, but they would miss the dermatologist's special expertise in treating skin conditions.


Antigen, Computer, Predicting, Proteins, major histocompatibility complex, MHC I

Computer Casts a Net on Antigen Binding

Researchers use a computing approach to predict proteins that will interact with the MHC-I immune system and suggest a means of designing peptide therapeutics that can be tailored for any patient suffering from any type of immunodisorder.


Telomere, Length, Aging, Cancer, fish, PNA

Means to an End: Measuring Aging

Chromosome ends - so-called telomeres - appear to get shorter with age and become elongated in tumor cells. This has led to hypotheses linking telomere length with aging and cancer. A new "flow-FISH" method allows the accurate determination of the length of chromosome ends.


Laser, Pressure, Catapulting, Genetics, Expression, Analysis, Cancer, Embryogenesis

Pinpoint Cell Analysis by Laser

New work using a laser technique to isolate individual cells could literally catapult gene expression studies in cancer, development, and embryogenesis to a new level.


Social and Behavioral Sciences

Spanking, Impact, Cognitive, Ability, UNH

Not Spanking Results in Smarter Children

University of New Hampshire researchers have found that children who are never or rarely spanked have higher scores on tests of cognitive ability than those who are frequently spanked. The findings are based on a nationally representative sample of 960 children who were ages 1 to 4 at the start of the study.


Arts and Humanities

Transplant, Games, Heart, Organ, Donors, Professor

U.S. Transplant Games in Columbus, Ohio

A Wheaton College sociology professor who came close to death will participate in the upcoming U.S. Transplant Games. He is able to enjoy an active life today because of the gift of a heart from a family whose teenage daughter died.


Vitamin, Supplements, Vitamin, Natural, Antioxidants, Nutrition, Cardiovascular, Heart, Disease

Jean Carper Stresses Value of Natural Vitamin E, Other Supplements

Many health food store retailers and consumers are not aware of the significant differences between natural and synthetic supplements, despite mounting evidence showing the benefits of natural products, according to noted journalist and author Jean Carper.


Zebrafish, Development, bone, Morphogenetic, Protein, Dorsoventral, Patterning

New Zebrafish Mutants Afford Deeper Look Into Embryonic Patterning

Developmental biologists all over the world are earnestly studying 2,000 new mutants of zebrafish -- and adding new ones to the list -- to determine what role they play in complex biochemical pathways. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center have identified new mutants important in the first steps that control the dorsoventral -- back to abdomen -- arrangement of embryonic tissues, a process called patterning.

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