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Preservation, Flowers, Food, Display, Commercial

Wilting Conquered With New Preservation Process

A new process developed at Michigan State University stands ready to revolutionize the flower industry -- as well as provide a boon for medical school teaching, restaurants and an endless array of others by using silicone to open up new possibilities in preservation.


Cockpit, Display, System, Airplane, Safety, Collision

Cockpit System Could Reduce Mid-Air Collisions

A cockpit display system being developed at Michigan Technological University would alert pilots of small planes about other aircraft in the vicinity and drastically reduce the number of mid-air collisions.


Newton, Science, History, Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy, London

Symposium on the foundations of Newtonian scholarship to be held in London

A distinguished group of physicists and historians will gather in London on March 21 for a daylong symposium at the Royal Society on the contributions of Isaac Newton to science. Three centuries after Newton published his Principia, scholars are still learning much about the development of his scientific ideas.


Snowgeese, Biology, Wildlife

Fly North On The Internet With Snow Geese!

For the first time, USGS Biological Resources Division researchers are displaying the spring migration of satellite radio-marked snow geese on the internet ( as it happens.


Medicine, Technology, LIFE, SCI, Social, PHYS

New Scientist Press Release

Press release of issue dated March 1 for New Scientist, the international science and technology weekly news magazine.



Vaccines, Genetics, Therapy, Bacteria, Molecular, Biology

Vaccinia, Gene Therapy and New Vaccines

The virus that helped wipe out smallpox -- a benign pox virus called vaccinia -- may now help develop new gene therapies and genetically engineered vaccines, according to Texas A&M University's Institute of Biosciences and Technology.


Hopkins, Climate, Environment, Disease

Climate Change Conference

Scientists from Johns Hopkins and elsewhere will meet in Bethesda, Md., March 6-7 to discuss the latest research into climate change and its potential for triggering outbreaks of disease.


Mechanical, Engineering, Gas, Turbines, Association, Executive, Atlanta

McClure to Head Intl Gas Turbine Institute

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME International) and the board of directors of the International Gas Turbine Institue (IGTI) have named Ann E. McClure, a certified association executive, as managing director of IGTI in Atlanta, Ga., starting in April.


Floods, Hydrology, USGS

25th Anniversary Of "Year Of The Floods"

Since the devastating floods of 1972 that took nearly 500 lives, the human toll has declined in the United States, thanks in part to advances in science and technology as well as better partnerships among local, state and federal agencies working together to provide advance warnings to citizens.


U.S., Russia, Rockets, Satellite

U.S./Russian Collaboration on Sounding Rockets

The first experiments of a collaborative U.S./Russian space science program were successfully launched recently aboard two Russian Meteorological MR-12 sounding rockets from Kapustin Yar, near Volgograd, Russia, a test range similar to the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.


Family, High, School, Mothers, Pregnancies

Adolescent Moms, High School and Stereotypes

A national study on adolescent mothers who complete high school debunks a number of stereotypes, according to a University of Georgia researcher. Using data obtained from the National Survey of Family Growth, Velma McBride Murry, an associate professor of child and family development in the College of Family and Consumer Sciences, examined the adult life experiences of 1,666 African-American women who had graduated from high school at least five years ago to determine how their lives were affected by their decisions concerning sex


Electron, atom, Neutrons, Protons, Chemistry, Nobel, Physics, Science

Modern Science Traces Its Roots To The Electron

The discovery of the electron 100 years ago launched the modern era of science, according to a Central Michigan University physicist who plans to commemorate the discovery with a symposium featuring four of the nation's leading scientists, including a past Nobel prize winner.



Purdue, Alcohol, Smoking, Psychology


Purdue University researchers have found evidence that may explain the phenomenon of the smoke-filled barroom. In a study of regular smokers, the researchers found that consuming alcohol increased the physical craving to smoke.



Blood, Pressure, Heart, Earthquakes

Earthquakes Shake and Raise Blood Pressure

A natural disaster increases blood pressure in patients with high blood pressure, medical researchers confirmed in a landmark study published in the current issue of the American Journal of Hypertension.


Technology, Enterprises, Science, Frieman, Alliance, Scripps, Research, Summit

UCSD Major San Diego Research Enterprises Set Up Science and Technology Alliance

An Alliance of major research and technology enterprises based in San Diego, and administered by the University of California, San Diego, has been created to foster and expand the region's global leadership in science and technology.


Polymer, Copolymers, Properties, Materials, Engineering

Controlling Polymer Reactions For New Products

A researcher at Michigan Technological University has found a way to control polymer reactions and permit scientists to create tailor-made polymeric materials with unique properties. The development could facilitate the manufacture of valuable new commercial products.


Cancer, Treatment, Ginseng, Forest, Beverages, Agriculture

NY Ginseng Growers Hope Forests Are Enchanted

A new cooperative team of researchers at Cornell University and the North American Ginseng Association is going to find out if cultivating ginseng will be an economic boost. Ginseng, the herbal remedy used by Chinese healers for more than 4,000 years, grows wild in New York, where growers are beginning to see a blossoming industry.


Engineers, Sensors, Airbag, smart skin sensors

Safer Airbag with "Smart Skin" Sensors

Imagine an air bag system that can sense and react to the location and force of an impact, and take into account the sizes and positions of the passengers in the car. The technology for just such a system has been created and demonstrated at Boston University's Photonics Center by Dr. James E. Hubbard, Jr., senior systems engineer and Dr. Shawn E. Burke.


Hopkins, bird, Psychology, Brain, Cocktail, Language

Birds Overcome "Cocktail Party Effect"

Scientists are puzzled by humans' ability to focus on one voice amid the clutter of background voices and sounds. Now, Johns Hopkins psychologists are finding that birds also can overcome the "cocktail party effect."


Purdue, HOG, Agriculture, Swine, Pollution

Diet could be key to controlling hog odors

A Purdue University animal waste expert is working to help swine producers take the stink out of community relations. He is looking at a method that may help reduce odor at the initial source ã the hog.

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