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Chemistry, Education, Compeition, Winners

U. S. Students Capture Medals In Chemistry Olympiad

Washington, D.C., July 24 -- Four high school chemistry students, representing the USA in the 29th International Chemistry Olympiad, returned home from Montreal, Canada, with four medals-- and one California student earns the highest finish ever for a U.S. student.


Pollution, Remediation, Technology, lead, Toxics, Lightbulbs

July Tipsheet from Los Alamos National Laboratory

Three Tips from Los Alamos: 1) This Won't Hurt a Bit--new laser analysis of lead poisoning; 2) Taking a Calculated Risk--software program aids emergency response to chemical spills; 3) Another Bright Idea--new type of fluorescent light bulb


Immigrants, Satellite, Facilities, Census, Ethics

NSF Tipsheet July 25, 1997

1) Immigrant Scientists And Engineers Decline; 2) NSF & NASA Launch Satellite Assessment; 3) Researchers Recommend Changes In Census' Racial Identifications



Heart, Cardiac, Biomedical, Engineering, Computer, Hopkins

Computer models of the heart can help cure cardiac ills

A computer model developed by a Johns Hopkins biomedical engineer mimics the way a heart works, down to the sub-cellular level, and can be used to mathematically "test" drugs for various heart disorders.


Hydrology, Chlorine 36, Yucca Mountain, Climate

Researchers Use Prehistoric Packrat Piddle to Refine Hydrologic Dating Techniques

Researchers have discovered that packrats seem to save a little of everything-- including clues in fossilized packrat urine from prehistoric dens--that can help scientists more accurately determine the age of water and other materials.


Medical, Technology, LIFE, SCI, Social, PHYS

New Scientist Tips

Press release of issue dated 26 July for New Scientist, the international science and technology weekly news magazine.


Environment, Toxicology, DDT, PCB, Otters, Eagles

Researchers find contaminants in sea otters and bald eagle eggs in the western Aleutian Islands

Remote islands of surreal beauty, the foggy, windswept Aleutians are thousands of miles from heavily populated areas. Even so, the islands harbor a nasty reminder of human activity: Sea otters and bald eagle eggs from the western Aleutians carry potentially harmful levels of DDT and other contaminants.


Primates, Anthropology, Primates, Africa, Fossils

Oldest monkey skull shakes up evolutionary tree

Researchers from Southern Illinois University have discovered the oldest African or Asian monkey skull yet found. Their account of their find appears in the July 24 issue of ìNature.î


UCSD, Mirror, Polymer, Photorefractive, Moerner, Polyvinyl, Cabazole, Plasticizer

Polymer "Mirror" Created for "Time Reversal" Optical Tasks

UCSD Chemists Create Polymer "Mirror" for a variety of "Time Reversal" Optical Tasks.


UCSD, Jellyfish, Computer, Memories, Light, GFP, Molecule

Glow of Jellyfish May Light Way toward New Optical Storage Device

Researchers have found a way of controlling a tailor-made version of a protein that gives the glow to the Pacific Northwest jellyfish. The discovery not only sheds light on the inner workings of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) of the jellyfish Aequorea victoria, it also suggests a potential new way for storing and accessing computer memories in packages the size of a single molecule.

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