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Arms, Control, SAR, Synthetic, Aperture, Radar, Security, Treaty, Verification

Scientist wins award for synthetic aperture radar

Sandia scientist Dr. Charles 'Jack' Jakowatz has been selected to receive a 1996 Ernest O. Lawrence Award, one of the Department of Energy's top prizes, for achievements that advance the use of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) to detect exceptionally small changes in landscape.



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Virtual Reality Training Decision Tool

Research Triangle Institute and Adams Consulting Group, Inc. have announced the availability of a tool that will help organizations evaluate whether Virtual Reality (VR) training programs are appropriate for specific training needs. VR Training Decision Tool gives managers and professionals in training, performance improvement, information technology, human resources, multimedia development, safety, manufacturing and other fields a way of quantifying the decision to use VR. This tool is available free of charge.


Microscope, Biology, Lenses, Vision, Microscopy, Biological, Sciences

Scientists Correct Microscope "Vision Problems"

Faulty human eyesight can be corrected with glasses, but itís a different matter to fix vision problems that afflict instruments used by scientists who explore the microcosmos. Two Oregon scientists conducting research with National Science Foundation (NSF)-support, however, have found a way to do it. As with many problems in human eyesight, the culprit in the world of microscopes is the lens.


Global, Warming, Greenhouse, Effect, Climate, Change

Climate models produce 'interesting' results

Fourteen of the most widely used global climate models, which are used by scientists to predict global climate change and by policy makers to formulate appropriate environmental policy, were less prescient than expected in a major test designed to determine their accuracy in predicting global warming or cooling.


Budget, Policy, Fiscal, YEAR, White, House

Press Briefing on: NSF 1998 Budget Request

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) will release the Presidentís Budget Request for Fiscal Year 1998 on the morning of February 6.


Rocket, Launch, Alaska, Internet, Atmospheric, Aurora, Borealis, Magnetosphere

Internet chat during Alaska rocket launch

A Cornell University rocket scientist, in cooperation with NASA and a local science museum, will be available online via the Internet to "chat" live with anyone who wants to learn about what they are up to in a remote part of Alaska blasting rockets into the upper atmosphere.


Global, Warming, Greenhouse, Effect, Climate, Change

Alabama is, like, cooler and cooler

Global warming notwithstanding, the average temperature in Alabama has dropped by almost two degrees Fahrenheit over the past 65 years, according to a new analysis of daily temperature reports from about 50 spots around the state.


Transistor, Memory, Computer, chip

One-Electron Transistor Developed at U of Minnesota

A transistor that stores a single electron to represent one bit of information and could revolutionize the way computers work has been designed and fabricated by University of Minnesota researchers. A transistor that stores a single electron to represent one bit of information and could revolutionize the way computers work has been designed and fabricated by University of Minnesota researchers.


Air Pollution, EPA, Clean Air Act, Ozone, Particulate Matter

Tighter National Standards for Air Quality

Government officials and experts from the business, environmental and research communities will gather at Resources for the Future on February 10, 1997, to discuss and debate the scientific basis, political and economic realities, and policy implications of the Environmental Protection Agency's proposals to revise the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ground-level ozone and particulates.


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Power Generation Conference and Exposition

The 1997 International Joint Power Generation Conference and Exposition will be held Nov. 3-5, at the Adams Mark Hotel in Denver, Colo., it is announced by ASME International (American Society of Mechanical Engineers).

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