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Computer Software, Datamining, Antique Books

Tips from Carnegie Mellon University

Story Tips from Carnegie Mellon University: 1) Create interactive 3D graphics, 2) Interview Einstein in 3D in real time, 3) Datamining to make better decisions, 4) Read an antique book online


Agriculture, Food, Northwest, Production, Safety, Water, Health, Eat

National laboratory known for environmental science turns attention to solving agriculture and food processing challenges

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a leader in environmental and energy sciences, is focusing its scientific and technological resources on the emerging problems of agriculture and food production.


Hubble, Jupiter, Moons, Astronomy, Telescope

Hubble Finds One More Oddity On An Already Strange Moon

Jupiter's moon Io, whose strange surface is defined by active volcanoes, lakes of molten sulfur and vast fields of sulfur dioxide snow, has revealed another oddity to scientists: caps of glowing hydrogen gas at the moon's poles.


Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, Genetics, Biotechnology, Assays, Patent, Research

Patented Enabling Technology Quickly Screens Thousands of Molecules

A new proprietary enabling technology for high-throughput screening, applicable to the discovery of a wide area of medical and agricultural products,represents a breakthrough in the mechanism-based testing of lead molecules.


Bison, Buffalo, Brine, oil, Pollution, salt, Erosion, Ecology

TU Team Installs 'Leach and Drain' System at Bison Preserve To Heal Two-Acre Site Damaged by Oil Well Brine

A project to halt erosion and restore vegetation at a two-acre site in the Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, home to a herd of 625 buffalo, is being conducted by University of Tulsa professors and students. The site was contaminated with salt after an accidental release of salt water associated with oil production.


Purdue, Engineering, Wind, Aeronautic, Space, Supersonic

Supersonic Research Soars to New Speeds

Purdue University researchers have begun construction on a Mach 6 wind tunnel, which when completed will be the fastest and quietest research wind tunnel at any academic institution in the world. Research will focus on how air flows over and around objects that travel faster than the speed of sound.


Gamma Ray, Solar, Flares, Detected, near, White, Dwarf

UNH Astronomers Find Gamma-Ray Flare Activity Near Unusual White Dwarf

University of New Hampshire astronomers say they may have found evidence of never-before-seen gamma-ray flare activity on a white dwarf star. Until now, scientists have only detected similar flaring activity on our own Sun, but this source appears to be a white dwarf, the end-stage in the life of a star.


Vegetarian, Diet, Nutrition, Food, Cornell, Campbell, Colin

Vegetarian Diet Pyramid released

Cornell scientists, Oldways Preservation & Exchange Trust and Harvard University have developed a Vegetarian Diet Pyramid to update the U.S. Food Guide Pyramid which is outdated.


Medicine, Technology, LIFE, SCI, Social, Physiology

New Scientist Tip Sheet for 1-7-98

New Scientist Tip Sheet for 1-7-98


Chemistry, Industry, Future

Predictions For The Chemical Industry: The Next 25 Years (Part II)

The U.S. chemical trade surplus will drop over the next 25 years, if not disappear, as manufacturing abroad replaces exports from the U.S.; Plants will become the main source of oil and plastics; And green chemistry and other pollution prevention technologies will eliminate pollution from the chemical industry.

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