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Flooding, Floods, Hydrology, Texas, Nexrad, GIs

Flood Warning System Crucial for Houston Medical Center

The Texas Medical Center area faces continued severe flooding problems unless steps are taken to provide an adequate warning system, says Rice University professor Philip Bedient, a surface and groundwater hydrology expert.


Genetics, Genome, DNA, Biochemistry, E. Coli

E. Coli Genome Reported: Milestone of Modern Biology Emerges From Wisconsin Lab

A team of scientists headed by Frederick R. Blattner of the E. coli Genome Project in the Laboratory of Genetics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has determined the complete genome sequence of the E. coli bacterium, it was reported today (Sept. 5) in the journal Science. (Note: Embargoed for release until 4 p.m. EST, 9/4/97.)


Climate, Change, Impacts, Global, Warming, New, England

NASA Head Will Speak At Climate Change Impacts Workshop at UNH Sept. 3-5

NASA's top administrator, Daniel S. Goldin, is scheduled to speak at the New England Regional Climate Change Impacts Workshop hosted by the University of New Hampshire's Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS) Sept. 3-5.


Agriculture, Farming, Agribusiness

ARS News Tips

News Tips for Sept. 2, 1997 from the USDA Agricultural Research Service: 1) Do Children's Growth Standards Need Refinement? 2) Eastern Gamagrass Surviving Drought, 3) Squeezing Fat Out of Foods, 4) Smoking Out Bee Mites, 5) Mouth-Watering New Fruits


pine, air, Pollution, Classroom, Research, Forest, Watch

UNH Researchers Pair Up With K-12 Students to Decode The White Pine Needle

There's a world of life waiting to be decoded from the three-sided white pine needle. Just ask Gary Lauten, research scientist and coordinators of Earthday: Forest Watch Program at the University of New Hampshire's Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS). The program lets K-12 students study the health of New England forests for clues to atmopsheric and climate change impacts.


Physics, Subnuclear, Particle, Exotic, Meson

Evidence of new subnuclear particle discovered

Evidence of a new subnuclear particle ó an exotic meson ó has been discovered by a team of physicists from the University of Notre Dame and six other institutions. Long theorized, the particle had been undetected until now, said Neal Cason, professor of physics at Notre Dame and a cospokesman on the project.


Agriculture, Fruits, Peaches, Nectarines, CROP, Research, USDA

Mouth-Watering New Fruits

Flavorful new peaches and nectarines from California should please growers and shoppers alike. The treefruits are the latest from the Horticultural Crops Research Laboratory in Fresno, where scientists have produced 26 flavorful new fruits in the past 25 years. The lab is part of USDA's Agricultural Research Service.


Fat, Extraction, Food, Analysis, USDA

Squeezing Fat Out of Foods

It sounds like a dieter's dream: finding a way to squeeze the fat out of foods we love, like big juicy hamburgers. Scientists with USDA's Agricultural Research Service have developed a way to do just that--not for the sake of counting calories, but for food analysis.


Cornell, Polymer, Complex, Layers, Nanotechnology, Plastic, film

Self-organizing' polymers will change our lives

Complex, self-organizing polymers will have a profound effect on our lives, perhaps keeping airplane wings free of ice, according to a Cornell materials engineer in the latest edition of the journal "Science." These complex polymers are now seen as useful for creating films, replete with multiple, self-ordering layers, and each layer with different functions.


Materials, Technology, Environment, Ecology, Industry, Mining, Waste

August Tip Sheet from Los Alamos

Four tips from Los Alamos: 1) Plasma "roots" coatings for better adhesion. 2) A safe way to sample contents of mystery containers. 3) Computer tracks elk movement patterns. 4) New company to market laser-based tool for prospecting, mining and environmental remediation.

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