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Hopkins, Astronomy, Quasar, Seyfert, Hubble, Astrophysics

Hidden Galactic Power Source Backs QusarTheory

A high-engery power source hidden inside a galaxy 660 million light years from Earth has provided new evidence supporting a theory that all such "active galaxies" harbor quasars in their nuclei. The findings are being released Jan. 13 at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society. EMBARGOED FOR RELEASE AT 9:20 A.M. EST ON MONDAY, JAN. 13, 1997


Electron, Purdue, Physics, Electromagnetism

Research Sheds Light On Electron's Structure

According to recent measurements by Purdue University physicists, an electron may not be a simple negative point charge, as scientists often describe it. "Science and engineering students have learned for years that the electron has a constant electronic strength, but now we've seen that this may not be the case," says David Koltick, professor of physics at Purdue.



Fisheries, Conservation, Pollock, By Catch, Alaska, Fishing, Industry

In Alaska, A New Net Protects Juvenile Fish

Wildlife Conservation Society researcher develops a new trawl net that drastrically reduces the number of undersized fish caught in the high-volume commercial pollock fishery -- the world's largest trawl fishery. In the U.S. alone, pollock catches $6 billion in 1994. This new net will affect this industry with in the next year.


Hopkins, Chemistry, Biochemistry, RNA, Antibiotics, Medicines

Hopkins Professor Saw RNA's Potential

Johns Hopkins chemist David Draper says he works in an "RNA world." He considers DNA "this monotonous double helix," and has chosen instead to focus on the multi-folded, complex, and important shape and structure of RNA.


Aaas, Election, Association, Science, Policy

UC Santa Cruz Chancellor: President-elect of AAAS

Chancellor M.R.C. Greenwood of UC Santa Cruz, a nationally recognized biologist, spokesperson for higher education, and an experienced voice in the arena of national scientific policy, has been chosen by her peers as the next president-elect of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.



Pentium, Computers, Microprocessors, Languages, www

WWW Users Experience Hard- and Software Problems

The new Intel Pentium MMX microprocessor may lure buyers because a new study shows a majority of current World Wide Web users have begun to experience hardware and software problems when attempting to test new innovations.



Tax Reform, Environmental Policy, Climate Change

Tax Reform's Environmental Implications

National tax reform may have a substantial impact on the environment as well as on economic growth, researchers at Resources for the Future and Stanford University suggest. They have recently launched a study of the environmental implications of three alternative tax plans -- the flat tax, the national sales tax, and the unlimited savings account tax -- now under discussion in Congress.


Hygienic, bees, Honeybees, Varroa, Mites

'Hygienic' Bees Resist Mites

A University of Minnesota entomologist has found that a line of "hygienic" bees can defend their hives against the huge Varroa mite and also against two common honeybee diseases, a finding that spells hope in the face of a 100 percent Varroa infestation rate in hives nationwide. The work is published in the current Apidologie.


Mechanical, Engineering, Manufacturing, Technical, Sessions

Technical Sessions Highlight National Manufacturing Week

ASME International (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) is contributing 12 technical sessions and symposia at National Manufacturing Week, to be held March 10-13, 1997, in Chicago, Ill. The sessions will explore energy conservation, asset management, problem solving and other issues impacting the safety, reliability and maintenance of plant facilities and their systems. Speakers include members of the ASME Plant Engineering and Maintenance Division.


Energy, Mechanical, Engineering, FUEL, Transportation, Automotive, Technology

Engineering Achievements

Dr. John Lienhard, the MD Anderson Professor of Mechanical Engineering and History at the University of Houston, invites those attending Energy Week to travel with him down "The Highways of the 30's," on Wed., Jan. 29, at 6:00 p.m., at the George R. Brown Convention Center, 3rd Level. An honorary member of ASME International, Dr. Lienhard will describe how engineering advancements in automotive technology, fuels and service have changed our society.

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