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Bedside Manner, Empathy Training, Acting, Theater, Doctors

Theater Training Helps Doctors Enhance Patient Care with Clinical Empathy Skills

Doctors taught empathy techniques by theater professors show improved bedside manner, according to a pilot study by a Virginia Commonwealth University research team.




Admissions, Campus, Visit, Tour, Parents, College, University, High School, Transfer, Students

Insider Tips on Campus Visits

This article offers a compilation of tips for the college visit process for both prospective students and their parents.


Herpes, Herpes Simplex, Fever Blisters, Cold Sores, Epstein Barr

Researchers Identify How Herpes Proteins Attack Cells

A team of University of Kentucky researchers has identified the roles that herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) proteins play during the invasion of cells.



type, Supernova, Nuclear, Physics, Astrophysics, Universe, Particle, Acclerator, mass, Spectrometer, Standard, Candle

Star Light, Star Bright: Facility Duplicating Conditions of Supernovas

How is matter created? What happens when stars die? Is the universe shrinking, or is it expanding? For the past few months, members of the department of physics at Florida State University have begun using a groundbreaking new research facility to conduct experiments that may help provide answers to just such questions.


UCLA, Kidney, Kidney Transplant, Living Donor Swap

UCLA Program Aims to Revolutionize Kidney Transplants

New and innovative programs to obtain donor organs have the potential to revolutionize kidney transplantation. At UCLA, for example, transplant experts are studying a program they call "living donor swap." This program enables the relative or friend of a kidney-transplant patient who is not compatible as a donor to "swap" organs with another potential donor who also may be an incompatible match for his or her relative or friend. This greatly broadens the pool of organs available from living donors.


Arts and Humanities

Women, Writing, Poetry, Filmmaking, Journalism, Publishing, Authors, Sportswriting, Plays, Children's Books, Literature, Kentucky

Historic Women Writers Conference Returns to Kentucky

The 28th annual Kentucky Women Writers Conference returns Sept. 27-29. The longest-running event of its kind, it features poets, novelists, journalists, publishers, children's authors, a playwright, a sportswriter, and a filmmaker. The conference is a premier destination for women writers at all stages and also gathers a lively community of readers.


Physics, Kirby Kemper, Kemper, Research, Department Of Physics, Radioactive, Unstable, Elements

Physicist Takes a Trip to Nuclear 'Island of Inversion'

Far from the everyday world occupied by such common elements such as gold and lead lies a little-understood realm inhabited by radioactive, or unstable, elements. Recently, a nuclear physicist from Florida State University collaborated with other scientists from the United States, Japan and England in an experiment that illustrated how the "normal" rules of physics don't apply for some of these radioactive elements.


Department Of Chemistry And Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Thomas Fischer, Fischer, chip, lab

Researchers Developing Diagnostic 'Lab on a Chip'

If you have ever marveled over the orderly process by which cars, buses and other modes of transportation are directed toward their destinations in a big city, you'll really appreciate the work of one Florida State University chemist. Thomas Fischer, an associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry at FSU, is designing a "smart" traffic system similar to those in major metropolises.



Obesity, Economics, Weight, Fat, Frank Heiland

Fat Is the New Normal

American women have gotten fatter as it has become more socially acceptable to carry a few extra pounds, according to a new study.



Asthma, Back To School Asthma Plan, Inhaler, Allergy Season, Asthma Triggers

Back-to-school Season Can be Tough on Kids with Asthma

Many of the 9 million U.S. children who have asthma need more than just pencils and paper when they return to class each fall. U-M pediatric allergy specialists say these kids require easy access to their inhalers and other medications, and the awareness of teachers and school officials about their condition.

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