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License Agreement, Influenza, Scripps Research Institute, Janssen, Infectious Disease

TSRI and Janssen Ink New Research and License Agreement

The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) today announced a five-year agreement with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Janssen) to collaborate on focused research projects in the infectious disease area, with the initial project targeting the influenza virus. Under the agreement Janssen will receive certain license rights to the results of the research. Janssen Pharmaceuticals will collaborate in the research on influenza through its Crucell Vaccine Institute.


Wolters Kluwer Health, Ovid, BMJ, BMJ Clinical Evidence

Wolters Kluwer Health and BMJ Expand Publishing Agreement; BMJ Clinical Evidence Now Available on Ovid

Wolters Kluwer Health announced today that it has expanded its partnership with BMJ to be the exclusive aggregated information provider of the BMJ Clinical Evidence resource on its OvidSP platform. Ovid will offer BMJ Clinical Evidence to medical and academic institutions globally to support clinicians, researchers, educators and students make decisions on quality care and improve patient outcomes through effective evidence-based clinical practice.



Absorption Pharmaceuticals to Receive Patent for Premature Ejaculation Topical Medication

Absorption Pharmaceuticals announced today that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has indicated that it will grant a patent related to the use of its topical medication, Promescent, for premature ejaculation (PE). The patent protects novel lidocaine-only eutectic formulation which enables maximum absorption of the anesthetic through the skin's outer layer and provides men with improved ejaculatory control while maintaining great sensory feeling.




Cancer, Pharmaceuticals, Immunotherapy

Immudex Takes On International Proficiency Panels

Immudex has entered into a strategic agreement with the US Cancer Immunotherapy Consortium (CIC) of the Cancer Research Institute, and the European Association for Cancer Immunotherapy (CIMT), under which Immudex will provide MHC-peptide multimer and Elispot proficiency panel services worldwide.



Entreprenership, startup companies, Startups, crowdfunding, thermoelectricity, Thermoelectrics

PowerPot Turns Heat and Water into Electricity


University of Utah students have invented a portable cook pot that doubles as a thermoelectric generator, and are now marketing it nationally after having raised $126K on Kickstarter.



Saint Mary’s College Announces Four-Year Graduation Promise

At a time when the national dialogue about higher education is centered on cost and value, Saint Mary’s College is proud to announce the Four-Year Graduation Promise. Starting in the fall with the incoming Class of 2017, students who follow the promise’s guidelines are guaranteed to graduate in four years or the College will pay for any additional courses a student needs to earn her degree. No other college or university in the area offers such a promise.


Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, heterocyclic compounds, medicinal chemist, Apple iPad, e-book, Itunes

Interactive Textbook Offers New Resource for Chemists

A trio of scientists from The Scripps Research Institute has created the first-ever fully interactive advanced organic chemistry textbook, called "The Portable Chemist’s Consultant: A Survival Guide for Discovery, Process, and Radiolabeling," for industrial chemists working toward new drugs and other goals, as well as organic chemistry students


University of Md. Hosts First Korean/U.S. Drug Marketing Workshop


Pharma officials from South Korea visit UMd School of Pharmacy, eye space in the BioPark, thanks to Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement reached a year ago.


Stroke, ministroke, TIA, Porter Adventist Hospital

Porter Adventist Hospital Explores Ministrokes and Stroke Dangers

Porter Adventist Hospital to host a community class discussing ministrokes, or transient ischemic attacks (TIA), and their connection to future stroke risk.



Innovative Neurology Text Includes Videos of Real-World Patients

Practical Neurology Visual Review, a powerful educational tool for mastering the clinical practice of neurologic diagnosis, is now available in a fully revised and updated Second Edition.

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