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Accounting, Alumni, Leadership, Ranking, Baltimore, TAX

Still # 1, Six Years and Counting: Latest Survey Finds UB Alumni in Leadership Positions in 11 of Baltimore's Largest 25 Accounting Firms

Eleven of the 25 largest accounting firms in the Baltimore area are headed by graduates of the University of Baltimore's Merrick School of Business and the UB School of Law—once again repeating the University's rank as the single largest producer of top-level managerial accounting talent for area firms. The results were announced in the Baltimore Business Journal's 2013 Book of Lists.


Georgia Tech, Georgia, Georgia Tech Professional Education, Government, Technology, OSHA, OSHA Training, certfication, Professional Education, Safety, occupational hazards, training course, Brunswick, Macon, Savannah, jesup, hinesville

Georgia Tech Professional Education Update Course Helps OSHA Authorized Construction Industry Trainers Stay Current on Occupational Safety and Health Standards and Hazards

OSHA Update course for outreach trainers prepares students with latest information to maintain construction industry trainer status.


OSHA Training, OSHA, Georgia Tech, Professional Education, Georgia Tech Professional Education, Certification, Occupational Safety, Technology, Government, Macon, Brunswick, jesup, Savannah

Georgia Tech Professional Education Update Course Helps OSHA Authorized General Industry Trainers Stay Current on Occupational Safety and Health Standards and Hazards

OSHA Update course for outreach trainers prepares students with latest information to maintain general industry trainer status.


Sandia, SRI International Sign Pact to Advance Hydrogen and Natural Gas Research for Transportation


Sandia National Laboratories and SRI International, an independent research and innovation center, will join forces to explore, test and evaluate a broad range of hydrogen and natural gas fuel systems and components for transportation applications under a new agreement.


Healthcare Quality, healthcare quality, patient safet, Patient Safety, Healthcare Associated Infections, performance improve

NAHQ Releases Third Edition of Popular Healthcare Quality and Safety Resource: Q Solutions: Essential Resources for the Healthcare Quality Professional

The National Association for Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) announces the release of the complete third edition of their respected foundational publication Q Solutions: Essential Resources for the Healthcare Quality Professional. The new text expands and reinforces the foundational knowledge for healthcare quality and patient safety professionals working across the care continuum.


Cancer, cancer surgery, varian medical systems, Radiation, 3D, Cancer Treatment, imaging software, Licensing, Technology Transfer, Radiology, three-d, CT, MRI, Liver, Spleen, Kidney, Tumor

Columbia Licenses 3-D Organ & Tumor Imaging Software to Varian

Columbia University has signed a licensing agreement with Varian Medical Systems for novel imaging software that facilitates 3-D segmentation, the process by which anatomical structures in medical images are distinguished from one another—an important step in the precise planning of cancer surgery and radiation treatments.


Centura Health Cancer Network Becomes First Integrated Network Cancer Program in Colorado

Centura Health Cancer Network was awarded silver accreditation by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer, becoming the first Integrated Network Cancer Program in Colorado.



cyber attack, Cyber Crime, Cyber Fraud, cyber attacks, Malware, koobface, Spam, spammers

UAB Launches Company to ID Source and Nature of Cyber Threats

In a private-public partnership, the University of Alabama at Birmingham has launched Malcovery, an intelligence company specializing in cyber threat detection, to help businesses protect themselves from cyberattacks. Malcovery uses patented forensic technology to identify the source and nature of immediate cyberattacks and analyze millions of cyberthreat angles to combat future crises.


License Agreement, Influenza, Scripps Research Institute, Janssen, Infectious Disease

TSRI and Janssen Ink New Research and License Agreement

The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) today announced a five-year agreement with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Janssen) to collaborate on focused research projects in the infectious disease area, with the initial project targeting the influenza virus. Under the agreement Janssen will receive certain license rights to the results of the research. Janssen Pharmaceuticals will collaborate in the research on influenza through its Crucell Vaccine Institute.


Wolters Kluwer Health, Ovid, BMJ, BMJ Clinical Evidence

Wolters Kluwer Health and BMJ Expand Publishing Agreement; BMJ Clinical Evidence Now Available on Ovid

Wolters Kluwer Health announced today that it has expanded its partnership with BMJ to be the exclusive aggregated information provider of the BMJ Clinical Evidence resource on its OvidSP platform. Ovid will offer BMJ Clinical Evidence to medical and academic institutions globally to support clinicians, researchers, educators and students make decisions on quality care and improve patient outcomes through effective evidence-based clinical practice.

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