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Americans Increasingly Seek out Benefits of Therapeutic Massage National Survey Reports

Americans are increasingly recognizing the value of therapeutic massage, according to a national survey being released today in conjunction with the first-ever National Massage Therapy Awareness Week, Oct. 19-25, sponsored by the American Massage Therapy Association.


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Massive Study Establishes Thyroid Disease Prevalence at 11.7 Percent

The largest study ever to examine the prevalence of thyroid disease found that 11.7 percent of the study participants had abnormal thyroid function, yet only one percent of the total population were receiving treatment.


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Many Medical Screening Tests May Be Unnecessary

Doctors can face an ethical dilemma when patients request screening tests - such as those for breast cancer and prostate cancer - that may be ill-advised under certain circumstances. Four authors explore that predicament in the article "Ethical Considerations in the Provision of Controversial Screening Tests," in the current issue of the Archives of Family Medicine.


Radiation, Thyroid, Cancer, Chernobyl, Genetics, Defect, ATA, Children

New Finding May Hold Key to Understanding the Role of Radiation in Thyroid Cancer

A tell-tale genetic defect that has been identified in the thyroid cancers of children exposed to radiation from the Chernobyl disaster may lead to a better understanding of the precise role of radiation in the type and incidence of the disease in the United States, according to researchers at the American Thyroid Association (ATA) meeting.


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Unique Interactive Health Kiosks Distributed in Michigan

The University of Michigan's Comprehensive Cancer Center is launching a statewide network of interactive computer kiosks to link residents with up-to-date health information. The $1 million project, was funded by proceeds from the state tobacco tax. The highly interactive system is the first health-related project of its kind in the nation.


Protein, cell, Amino, Acid, Regulate, Methionine, Oxidation, Enzyme

University of Iowa researcher identifies a mechanism that controls protein activity

A mechanism that regulates protein activity, previously undescribed for advanced cells, has been reported by Dr. Toshinori Hoshi, University of Iowa assistant professor of physiology and biophysics.


Alternatives, folk, Medicine, Remedies, Maggots, Leeches

Maggots, Leeches, Dirt: Just What the Doctor Ordered

Maggots wriggling in an open wound; leeches crawling about your body; blood oozing from a punctured vein. The stuff of nightmares? In reality, it could be the cure for what ails ya'. A new book by a Michigan State University professor looks with loving detail at many ancient folk remedies and old wives' tales that were discarded by medical practitioners of the past but are now making comebacks in medical clinics today.


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Greatest Source Of Exposure To Violence is Media

A questionnaire answered by students at a Baltimore County high school shows that nearly 10 percent of them have received psychological help to deal with difficulties related to exposure to violence in one or more of the three major areas of their lives: the media, their home and/or community, and school.



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Thousands Of Pharmaceutical Advances Mean Medical Care More Efficacious And Less Invasive

Five thousand of the worldís premier pharmaceutical researchers are gathering in Boston, Nov. 2-6, to discuss the latest scientific research and medical advances of 1997. A small sampling of the breakthroughs, presented for the first time at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting, are listed below.



AAPS, Pharmaceutical, Research, Health, Medical, Science, drug, Conference

Pharmaceutical Research Mirrors Societies Greatest Health Concerns

Five thousand researchers gathering in Boston, Massachusetts for the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS), Nov. 2-6, 1997 will present contributed papers responding to societies most chronic medical issues. From cancer to diabetes to asthma, the following top-lines the presented research. Complete abstracts are available by calling Lisa Mozloom or Nicolle Ugarriza at 305-672-4422.

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