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Chronic, pain, Nerves, Therapy

Special class of pain nerves identified by researchers at U of Minnesota; finding holds hope for chronic pain relief

In a step toward providing chronic pain relief, researchers at the University of Minnesota and the Minneapolis Veterans Administration Medical Center have identified a group of nerves that are instrumental in causing hypersensitive pain responses. Working with rats, the researchers showed that destroying a certain type of spinal nerve left the animal resistant to a treatment that usually causes hypersensitivity to heat and touch.


ear, Infection, Antibiotics, Expensive, Pediatrics, Child, Berman

Ear Infections Can Be Effectively Treated By Inexpensive Antibiotics

Expensive antibiotics are no more effective than inexpensive antibiotics at treating ear infections, according to a University of Colorado Health Sciences Center study published in the October issue of Pediatrics.


Breast, Cancer, Komen, Website, Health, Wave Base9, Race, CURE

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Launches Website in Time for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation today unveiled a comprehensive online source of breast health information. The Komen Foundation, known for raising awareness and community support for breast cancer research and programs through its nationally acclaimed Race for the Cure, will now extend its reach by offering a website that provides general breast cancer information, with specific areas that address the needs of speical audiences, including breast cancer survivors and their friends and families, the media, and the medical and scientific communities.


Johns, Hopkins, Medicine, Airbags, Airplane, Shoulder, Restraints, Aviation, Crashes

Airbags, Shoulder Restraints Could Help Prevent Injury Fatalities in Airplane Crashes

Using air bags and shoulder restraints in passenger aircraft could reduce deaths from head injuries sustained in airplane crashes, according to a study led by researchers at Johns Hopkins. Such injuries account for up to a third of all aviation-related deaths in the United States.


B Cell, Immune, System, Recombinase, Repair, Antibody, Antigen, Immunology

Designer antibodies: cell repair mechanism promises immune system control

University of Maryland School of Medicine researchers report that mature B cells have a molecular repair mechanism that can reactivate the process of genetic recombination to replace mutated and failing lymphocytes with ones producing the right antibodies. They can do it outside the bone marrow and in response to antigen.


Chest, Physicians, Meeting, Pulmonary, Disease, Asthma, Tuberculosis, Respiratory

Chest Physicians From 50 Countries to Attend International Symposium

Physicians from 50 countries will participate in CHEST 1997 -- the International Assembly of the American College of Chest Physicians--to be held in New Orleans, October 26 - 30, 1997.


Rickets, Cornell, Bangladesh, India, iron, zinc, Nutrition, Medicine, Health

Learning why Bangladesh children have rickets

Cornell University nutritionists and agronomists will travel to the Chakaria area of Bangladesh Oct. 6 to begin investigating why the disease rickets has been found in such a sunny place.


Dermagraft, Tissue, Engineering, Diabetic, foot, Ulcers, ATIS

Advanced Tissues Sciences, Inc. and Smith & Nephew Launch Dermagraft in UK

Advanced Tissue Sciences, Inc. and its joint venture partner, Smith & Nephew plc, announced today the launch of Dermagraft in the UK market. Dermagraft is the first fully human dermal replacement available for the treatment of full thickness diabetic foot ulcers. The announcement was made today at the British Diabetic Association meeting.


Mayo, Study, Smoking, Cessation, Ankle, DISC, Training, Multiple, Sclerosis, Blood, Glucose, test

Mayo Clinic News Briefs

1) Smoking cessation is one of the most cost-effective medical treatments, reports a Mayo study, 2) Mayo sports medicine researchers report how a training device helps keep the ankle more stable in response to a sudden inversion -- the cause of most ankle sprains, 3) Is multiple sclerosis caused by an infectious agent in the environment? 4) Mayo researchers report that testing a minute sample of fluid from just beneath the surface of the skin measures glucose levels in diabetics as accurately as the standard finger-stick method.


Mammography, Effective, 40 49

Study Demonstrates the Benefits of Mammography in Women Under 50

Women under 50 benefit from screening mammography as much as women over 50, a University of Chicago study reports.

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