Friday 12-Feb-2016

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Overtime and Adding Options Led to Auto Recalls Costing $167 Million Over Seven Years, Study Finds


A study of North American auto production over a seven-year period finds that using overtime and increasing the number of factory-installed options are positively associated with manufacturing-related recalls. The study, accepted for publication in the journal Management Science, found that the economic cost of extremely high factory utilization -- operating near or at overtime levels -- translates into a recall cost of $167 million over seven years.

–Indiana University|2016-02-01

The Leonard C. Goodman Institute for Investigative Reporting Is Now Accepting Submissions

The deadline for this round of proposals is January 15, 2016. Candidates will be notified of decisions by the end of February 2016. The Institute pays a competitive rate--and covers expenses--for investigative reporting that advances social and economic justice. All stories are published in In These Times magazine and on InTheseTimes.com.

– Newswise|2015-12-16

Top Stories 11 Dec 2015; New Forensic Science Breakthroughs, Breast Cancer Treatment Difference by Age, Racial Disparities in Dialysis, and More...

Click to view today's top stories.

–Newswise Trends|2015-12-11

On a Scale of 1 to 5, How Distracting Is Talking to Your Car? HF/E Researchers Develop a New Framework for Measuring Cognitive Distraction

Distractions while driving can come from visual, physical, and cognitive sources. A special section of the December 2015 Human Factors presents a framework for measuring cognitive distraction, followed by expert commentaries that suggest a way forward for reducing crash risk.

–Human Factors and Ergonomics Society|2015-12-08

Volkswagen sales running low, criminal charges may be on the horizon

–Cornell University|2015-12-04

At 2015 SRA Meeting: Automaker Liability, World Refugee Crises, Risk and Resilience

Journalists are invited as guests to find great news leads and meet experts at the Society for Risk Analysis Annual Meeting in Arlington, VA, December 6-10, 2015.

–Society for Risk Analysis (SRA)|2015-11-27

Atoms to Engines


The Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, FCA US LLC, and the foundry giant, Nemak of Mexico, are combining their strengths to create lightweight powertrain materials that will help the auto industry speed past the technological roadblocks to its target of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025.

–Oak Ridge National Laboratory|2015-11-10

Volkswagen's Emissions Cheat Will Cause 60 People in the U.S. To Die 10 to 20 Years Prematurely

According to a study led by MIT, Volkswagen's emissions cheat on their diesel vehicles will cause 60 people in the U.S. To die 10 to 20 years prematurely.

–Newswise Trends|2015-10-29

Making Cars of the Future Stronger, Using Less Energy


Researchers have discovered a new welding technique that welds alloys once thought un-weldable—alloys that automakers would like to use in the next generation of cars. Compared to a typical welding technique of today, the new technique uses 80 percent less energy, and creates bonds that are 50 percent stronger.

–Ohio State University|2015-10-29

On the Road to ANG Vehicles


Berkeley Lab researchers have developed metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) that feature flexible gas-adsorbing pores, giving them a high capacity for storing methane. This capability has the potential to help make the driving range of adsorbed-natural-gas (ANG) cars comparable to that of a typical gasoline-powered car.

–Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory|2015-10-27

Apple Has the Cash, but May Not Have the Drive for Auto Industry

–Cornell University|2015-10-20

"Dirt-Cheap Catalyst May Lower Fuel Costs for Hydrogen-Powered Cars"


Bringing closer a mass market for environmentally friendly hydrogen-powered cars, Sandia researchers are upgrading $0.37/gram molybdenum disulfide, "molly" for short, to take the place of $1,500/gram catalyst platinum. Unlike gasoline, hydrogen as fuel releases water, not carbon, into the air.

–Sandia National Laboratories|2015-10-07

Labor Day Sales Keep VW Stable, Lawsuits Key to Future

–Cornell University|2015-10-01

Diesel Exhaust Gases Without Any Nitric Oxides – Is That Possible?

The scandal surrounding VW has thrust nitric oxide (NOx) emissions from diesel vehicles into the limelight. Owing to the different engine technologies, these have always been higher than in gasoline-powered cars. On the other hand, diesel consumes less fuel. If a way can be found to “denitrify” diesel emissions efficiently, we would have an economical, clean engine. Empa researchers are thus working hard on optimizing the catalytic converter technology for diesel.

–Empa Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology|2015-10-01

New Tesla SUV Needs to Be Functional, Yet Cool

–Cornell University|2015-09-29

Clean Air Regulation, Automobile Emissions Expert Can Discuss Volkswagen Scandal, Emissions Testing

–North Carolina State University |2015-09-24

EPA says WVU research raised questions about emissions levels in Volkswagen vehicles

–West Virginia University|2015-09-22

Article Highlights Boise State Research to Recover Heat From Car Engine

Researchers are attempting to develop thermoelectric generators (TEGs) as a way to convert the waste heat from car engines into electricity.

–Boise State University|2015-09-18

GM Settlement Benefits Victims, Employees, Investors

–Cornell University|2015-09-17

New ORNL Catalyst Addresses Engine Efficiency, Emissions Quandary


A catalyst being developed by researchers could overcome one of the key obstacles still preventing automobile engines from running more cleanly and efficiently.

–Oak Ridge National Laboratory|2015-09-14

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