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These Days Fecal Transplantation Is No Joke


Fecal transplants are increasingly being used to treat certain human illnesses and there is a major upsurge in animal experiments involving fecal material.
5-Jul-2016 4:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Selfish Mitochondria Implicated in a Variety of Diseases


A Vanderbilt research team has identified some of the methods that allow mutant mitochondrial DNA to act selfishly by circumventing the mechanisms that cells use to regulate mitochondrial activity.
6-Jul-2016 1:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Weathered U.S. Flags From All 50 States and Their Intriguing Stories Featured in 'Flag Exchange'


Mel Ziegler devoted extensive time and travel to collecting weathered and worn U.S. flags from all 50 states for his 'Flag Exchange' installation.
7-Jul-2016 3:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Antidepressants: A Treatment for Bad Marriages?

Psychiatrists nearly always responded with prescriptions for antidepressants when clients complained of bad marriages, according to a new study spanning 20 years at a Midwestern medical center. The assumption that people struggling with their...
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A Little Spark for Sharper Sight


Stimulating the brain with a mild electrical current can temporarily sharpen vision without glasses or contacts, Vanderbilt University researchers have found.
29-Jun-2016 3:00 PM EDT Add to Favorites

“Leaning in” Hurts Poor Women When Childcare Is Scarce


Poor moms who return to the workforce after a period of unemployment suffer significantly higher rates of depression, anxiety and physical symptoms of stress when they don’t have access to decent childcare, according to Vanderbilt sociology...
22-Jun-2016 2:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

State Judges Are Not Representative of the People They Serve

State courts handle more than 90 percent of trials and judicial business issues that impact Americans the most—safety, health, finances and family. In the last decade alone roughly a billion cases have gone through the state judicial system. A...
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How to Get the Most from Millennial and Generation Z Employees

Millennials, those who were born in the 1980’s and 1990’s—have emerged as the largest age cohort in today’s U.S. workforce, bringing digital savvy and an ‘always-on’ mentality to most jobs. Yet, millennials and Generation Z, who were...
21-Jun-2016 10:05 PM EDT Add to Favorites

Our Experts on Newswise

Dark Pools Threaten Market Governance of Financial Markets


A new regulatory solution to protect traders and investors is needed in the age of Dark Pools, a prevalent and different kind of exchange.
15-Jul-2016 12:05 PM EDT

New Book Explains "Democracy for Realists."


Would you believe that Hillary Clinton’s supporters are more liberal than those of Bernie Sanders? How about this? In the voting booth, election-year droughts and floods have a major impact on whether an incumbent or challenger wins an election....
22-Jun-2016 3:05 PM EDT

Experts Available on Mass Shootings, Guns in America, & Political Perceptions After Terrorism


13-Jun-2016 1:05 PM EDT

Tip Sheet: Vanderbilt Experts Can Comment on Olympics in Brazil


7-Jun-2016 5:05 PM EDT

Trump’s Ethnocentrism Will Bring Voters to the Polls, Pro and Con

1-Jun-2016 10:05 AM EDT

Congress in Danger of Losing Relevancy as Presidents Work Around It

By obstructing most legislation President Obama sends its way, Congress has weakened rather than exercised its power, says a Vanderbilt University political expert.
28-Jan-2016 11:05 AM EST

Political Expert John Geer on Negative Ads, Presidential Candidates & Voter Anger #2016election

19-Jan-2016 3:05 PM EST

Vanderbilt Experts Ready to Talk About Obama's State of the Union Speech

8-Jan-2016 8:00 AM EST

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