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Genetic Profiling Can Guide Stem Cell Transplantation for Patients with Myelodysplastic Syndrome, Study Finds


A single blood test and basic information about a patient’s medical status can indicate which patients with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) are likely to benefit from a stem cell transplant, according to new research by scientists at Dana-Farber...
8-Feb-2017 5:05 PM EST Add to Favorites

Study Tightens Connection Between Intestinal Microorganisms, Diet, and Colorectal Cancer


Researchers at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute led a study that provides some of the strongest evidence to date that microorganisms living in the large intestine can serve as a link between diet and certain types of colorectal cancer.
24-Jan-2017 12:40 PM EST Add to Favorites

Study Potentially Explains Vulnerability of Young Cancer Patients to Treatment Toxicities


Scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute say they have discovered a potential explanation for why brain and heart tissues in very young children are more sensitive to collateral damage from cancer treatment than older individuals.
22-Dec-2016 12:00 PM EST Add to Favorites

EMMC Cancer Care joins Dana-Farber Cancer Care Collaborative

EMMC Cancer Care, located at the Lafayette Family Cancer Center (Brewer, Maine), is the newest member of the Dana-Farber Cancer Care Collaborative. Participation in the Collaborative reflects a demonstrated commitment to excellence by meeting a wide...
14-Dec-2016 9:00 AM EST Add to Favorites

Scientists Identify Unique Genomic Features in Testicular Cancer


Researchers led by scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute say they have identified unique genomic changes that may be integral to testicular cancer development and explain why the great majority are highly curable with chemotherapy – unlike...
29-Nov-2016 11:00 AM EST Add to Favorites

Large-Scale Cancer Gene Profiling Is Feasible but Faces Barriers


Researchers leading the largest genomic tumor profiling effort of its kind say such studies are technically feasible in a broad population of adult and pediatric patients with many different types of cancer.
17-Nov-2016 1:05 PM EST Add to Favorites

New Drug Beats Standard Therapy in Advanced Kidney Cancer


An experimental kidney cancer drug outperformed the standard first-line therapy for patients with metastatic disease who are considered at risk for poorer than average outcomes, according to results of a randomized phase II clinical trial by...
10-Nov-2016 11:05 AM EST Add to Favorites

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Appoints New Nursing Leader


New nursing leader named at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Anne Gross to start in new role on December 1, 2016.
11-Nov-2016 9:00 AM EST Add to Favorites

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Colorectal Cancer: Five Things You Need To Know


With March marking Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, here are the answers to some key questions about Colon cancer.
5-Mar-2014 5:00 PM EST

Leading Breast Cancer Expert Available to Comment on Young Women with Breast Cancer


11-Nov-2013 5:00 PM EST

National Cancer Report Underscores Need for Research Funding; Dana-Farber Expert Says Scientific Advances Merit Support


17-Sep-2013 3:00 PM EDT

Vaccinating Children Against HPV?


The Human papillomavirus, or HPV, and its link to certain cancers has been in the headlines recently, reigniting the debate whether it is appropriate to vaccinate children against the virus. Robert Haddad, MD, the disease center lead at...
7-Jun-2013 12:00 PM EDT

Prophylactic Double Mastectomy: Angelina Makes a Private Choice a Public Issue


24-May-2013 3:00 PM EDT

News Tip: New Research on Teenage Girls and Melanoma Makes This the Season for Tanning Stories


Prom season and summer approach, and with them teenage girls seeking suntans. New research published in the May issue of Pediatrics finds that the number of children diagnosed with melanoma has increased an average 2% a year since the 1970s.
17-May-2013 8:00 AM EDT

Healthy Holiday Helpings: Experts Offer Tips to Fight Cancer with Your Fork This Holiday Season

The holidays are almost here and festive food is everywhere. “While these foods are delicious to eat, some have the added bonus of containing cancer-preventing nutrients,” says Stephanie Meyers, MS, RD/LDN, a nutritionist at Dana-Farber Cancer...
23-Oct-2009 1:00 PM EDT

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