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Experimental Malaria Vaccine Provides Durable Protection Against Multiple Strains in NIH Clinical Trial

An experimental malaria vaccine protected healthy subjects from infection with a malaria strain different from that contained in the vaccine, according to a study published today. The Phase 1 clinical trial is important because in places where...
15-Mar-2017 12:00 AM EDT Add to Favorites

Researchers Identify How Inflammation Spreads Through the Brain After Injury

Researchers have identified a new mechanism by which inflammation can spread throughout the brain after injury. This mechanism may explain the widespread and long-lasting inflammation that occurs after traumatic brain injury, and may play a role in...
7-Mar-2017 10:00 AM EST Add to Favorites

University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Dr. Stephen Davis Receives Top Clinical Research Award From State Physician’s Group

Stephen Davis, MBBS, FRCP, MACP, the Theodore E. Woodward Endowed Chair and the Professor and Chairman of the Department of Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UM SOM); Director of the General Clinical Research Center and the...
2-Mar-2017 2:45 PM EST Add to Favorites

Researchers Unravel How Ticks Protect Themselves From Lyme Bacteria and Other Microbes

For hundreds of millions of years, ticks have survived on Earth by sucking blood from their victims for days, often leaving behind terrible diseases as a thank-you note. But no one has ever looked at why ticks, themselves, are able to survive while...
10-Feb-2017 4:00 PM EST Add to Favorites

Researchers Find Chemical Switch That May Decrease Crucial Symptoms of Schizophrenia

A new study by University of Maryland School of Medicine researchers has found that in mice, adjusting levels of a compound called kynurenic acid can have significant effects on schizophrenia-like behavior. The study appeared in the latest issue of...
6-Feb-2017 2:00 PM EST Add to Favorites

Top Scientists Join University of Maryland School Of Medicine

The University of Maryland School of Medicine announced that it has hired several top scientists in a range of fields, including orthopaedics and brain science.
6-Feb-2017 4:20 PM EST Add to Favorites

Comprehensive New Study Finds That Yoga Can Be Helpful for Low Back Pain

Over the course of their lives, about 80 percent of Americans will suffer from back pain at one time or another. For millions of people this pain is chronic. A new study has concluded that yoga may be helpful for low back pain.
6-Feb-2017 3:20 PM EST Add to Favorites

Study Finds Vaccination Is the Most Cost-Effective Way to Reduce Rabies Deaths in India

Every year in India, about 20,000 people die from rabies. Most of the victims are children. Nearly all of the deaths occur after victims are bitten by rabid dogs. For years, experts have debated the best strategy to reduce this burden. Now, a new...
11-Jan-2017 4:25 PM EST Add to Favorites

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University of Maryland School of Medicine Experts Available to Discuss Zika Virus

As it spreads throughout South and Central America and beyond, Zika presents a unique challenge to health officials and to the public. University of Maryland School of Medicine infectious disease specialists can offer insight into the virus, its...
3-Feb-2016 3:05 PM EST

Global Virus Network Experts Answer Questions on Mankind’s Worst Ebola Outbreak

On Friday, September 12 between 1 pm EDT to 2 pm EDT the Global Virus Network, with support from UST Global as a technology partner, will host a WebEx conference including three GVN world-renowned Ebola experts and journalists from across the globe.
9-Sep-2014 10:20 AM EDT

Ebola Expert: University of Maryland School of Medicine Scientist at Forefront of Ebola Vaccine Development

12-Aug-2014 12:00 PM EDT

Cancer Experts at University of Maryland School of Medicine Hail Proton Beam Therapies as Effective Means of Radiation Treatment

A team of leading experts in radiation oncology from the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UM SOM) have published an opinion piece in the Aug. 1 issue of the medical publication The Cancer Letter, stating that several types of cancer...
4-Aug-2014 12:30 PM EDT

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