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Weather and Climate Extremes, Climate Science

“Hindcasting” Study Investigates the Extreme 2013 Colorado Flood


Using a publicly available climate model, Berkeley Lab researchers “hindcast” the conditions that led to the Sept. 9-16, 2013 flooding around Boulder, Colo. and found that climate change attributed to human activity made the storm much more severe than would otherwise have occurred.



Tsunamis, Indian Ocean, Sumatra, Banda Aceh, Tsunami, Science, Environment, Earthquakes, Geology, Indonesia, Ocean, Sunda Megathrust, Myanmar, Seismic, Seismology, Coastal, Archaeology, Rutgers University-New Brunswick, Rutgers University, RU, New Jersey, NJ, Benjamin Horton

Sea Cave Preserves 5,000-Year Snapshot of Tsunamis


An international team of scientists digging in a sea cave in Indonesia has discovered the world’s most pristine record of tsunamis, a 5,000-year-old sedimentary snapshot that reveals for the first time how little is known about when earthquakes trigger massive waves.



Weather, weather alert, Death, Storms, Cyclones, tornados, Lightning Strike Injuries

Measuring the Human Impact of Weather

The World Meteorological Organization has announced today world records for the highest reported historical death tolls from tropical cyclones, tornadoes, lightning and hailstorms. It is first time the WMO Archive of Weather and Climate Extremes has broadened its scope from temperature and weather records to address the impacts of specific events.



Asteroid, Asteroids, Tsunami, Shockwaves, Meteors, heat deaths

Study Highlights Deadliest Effects of Hypothetical Asteroid Strike


Violent winds and shockwaves would account for more than 60 per cent of lives lost if an asteroid were to hit the Earth, according to a new University of Southampton-led study.


Law and Public Policy


Filibuster, Neil Gorsuch, Supreme Court nomination, terror attack, Brexit, Trump Administration, Tax Reform, Tax Policy, Trump executive order, trump supreme court, trump presidency, Trump budget

Tulane University Experts on Judge Gorsuch Vote, Russian Subway Explosion, Trump Tax Reform Efforts and Brexit.


The following Tulane University experts are available to discuss the Russian subway explosion in Saint Petersburg, the Senate vote on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch, the Trump administration’s plan for tax reform as well as ongoing changes related to the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union.



Biological and Environmental Research, biological and environmental sciences, Storm Surge, Storm Surges, Storms, Cyclones, Cyclone, Tropical Cyclone, Tropical Cyclones, Modeling, Natural Hazard, Natural Hazards, natural hazard modeling, integrated assessment, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, PNNL, Climate Science, Environmental Science, Flooding, Coast

The Future of Coastal Flooding


Better storm surge prediction capabilities could help reduce the impacts of extreme weather events, such as hurricanes.


Social and Behavioral Sciences


Oroville Dam, Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Preparedness Plans, Flood, Flood Insurance, Disaster, disaster aid, disaster experts, dam failure

How Do You Prepare for an Emergency Like Oroville Dam? SJSU Prof Offers Advice on Managing Natural Disaster Threats




Researchers Find Biggest Exposed Fault on Earth


Geologists have for the first time seen and documented the Banda Detachment fault in eastern Indonesia and worked out how it formed.



Sacramento State, tsunami, U.S. Geological Survey, USGS, , stem, Earthquake, Quake, Sacramento State, Tsunami, U.S. Geological Survey, USGS

Sac State Prof's Study Seeks to Make Tsunamis Safer

Professor Mathew Schmidtlein will discuss his research findings Sept. 27 in an on-campus lecture.



Flooding, Flood, Pregnancy, Fetal Growth, Gestation, NDSU College of Pharmacy, Ndsu, Low Birth Weight, NDSU Department of Psychology, Clayton Hilmert

NDSU Study Shows Major Flooding Affects Growth of Unborn Babies


NDSU faculty and students conduct world-class research, searching for answers to important questions. In a recent study, NDSU researchers explored how major floods affect the growth and development of unborn children.

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