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Oroville Dam, breach, Levee, Mississippi State University, Farshid Vahedifard, Civil Engineering, Bagley College of Engineering, Drought, Rain, Science, Climate

MSU’s Vahedifard Examines ‘Lessons From the Oroville Dam’ in Science


A letter in Science magazine from a Mississippi State faculty member is examining lessons gleaned from the recent Oroville dam incident in California.



Industrial Engineering, Philanthrophy

Penn State Mourns the Loss of Businessman and Philanthropist Harold Marcus


Harold “Hal” Marcus, a 1949 Penn State graduate and retired industrial engineer turned real estate entrepreneur, died on March 18 at his home in Olympia, Washington, at the age of 89.



Materials, phase transitions, emergent phenomena

Researchers Discover a New Type of Memory Effect in Transition Metal Oxides

A new kind of memory effect discovered in two Transition Metal Oxides could carry important repercussions on technology and security. The multi-state nature of the memory effect, whereby more than one piece of information can coexist in the same space, could be harnessed for memory technology. And while deleted computer data can be recovered, at least partially, by talented hackers, the "erase-upon-reading" property of this system could make an invaluable contribution to security technologies.



Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy, Marine Renewables, Alternative Energy, Sustainable Energy, Undergraduate Research, National Science Foundation, Ocean Energy, Climate Change

Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center Receives $360,000 NSF Grant for ‘Research Experiences for Undergraduates’ Program


FAU’s SNMREC is focused on advancing science and technology to recover energy from the oceans’ renewable resources with special emphasis on those resources available to the southeastern U.S., initially focusing on ocean currents and thermal resources.



Big Data, traffic management, Traffic Engineering, safer roads

Iowa State Engineers Dive Into Big Data to Develop Better System to Manage Traffic Incidents


Iowa State traffic researchers are developing technology that will take the huge amounts of data collected by the Iowa Department of Transportation, sort through it all and identify problems. The goal is early detection of traffic incidents and better traffic management.



Tractor trailers, Aerodynamics, Fuel Efficiency, Diesel fuel savings, Carbon dioxide reduction, DRAG

Improving Tractor Trailer Fuel Efficiency Through Aerodynamics


Lawrence Livermore researchers, as part of a Navistar SuperTruck I team, help design a new type of tractor trailer truck that improves fuel economy by 124 percent compare to heavy vehicles on the road today.




American Society Of Civil Engineers, ASCE Southeast Student Conference, Civil and Environmental Engineering , Geomatics, Florida Atlantic University, Universtiy of Florida, Engineering, College, Universities, Competition

FAU Announces Winners of 2017 ASCE Southeast Student Conference


FAU's Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering recently hosted the 2017 ASCE Southeast Student Conference.



Quantum Dots, Solar Energy, Solar Cells, Renewable Energy

Ultrafast Measurements Explain Quantum Dot Voltage Drop


Solar cells and photodetectors could soon be made from new types of materials based on semiconductor quantum dots, thanks to new insights based on ultrafast measurements capturing real-time photoconversion processes.



Energy, Battery, Fuel Cells, Bacteria, bacteria fuel cells, Binghamton, Binghamton University, SUNY Binghamton, State University of New York at Binghamton, Microbial, Microbial Fuel Cells, self-sustaining cell, Power, Electrical Engineering, bioelectricity, Technology, phototrophic bacteria, Power Generation, Electricity, battery design, power sources, Clean E

Researchers Create Self-Sustaining Bacteria-Fueled Power Cell

Instead of oil, coal, or even solar energy, self-sustaining bacterial fuel cells may power the future. Researchers at Binghamton University, State University of New York have developed the next step in microbial fuel cells (MFCs) with the first micro-scale self-sustaining cell, which generated power for 13 straight days through symbiotic interactions of two types of bacteria.



Engineering, Chemical Engineering, biomolecular engineering, Stem Education, Anton Middelberg

International Leader Appointed to Head Engineering


The University of Adelaide has today announced the appointment of an international leader in engineering, Professor Anton Middelberg, as its new Executive Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences.

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