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Saturday 1-Aug-2015

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Alan Gertler, MD - Obesity and Heart Disease

Alan S. Gertler, M.D., associate professor of medicine in UAB’s Division of Cardiovascular Diseases and part of UAB’s Heart & Vascular Service.

–University of Alabama at Birmingham|2013-12-30

Anath Shalev, MD - Type 2 Diabetes

Anath Shalev, M.D., director of the UAB Comprehensive Diabetes Center. Shalev is an internationally recognized authority in endocrinology, pancreatic beta-cell biology and the pathophysiology of diabetes.

–University of Alabama at Birmingham|2013-12-30

Recent Research

Blocking a Gene Reduces Fat

By blocking the expression of a certain gene in patients, University of Montreal researchers have contributed to the demonstration of great decreases in the concentration of triglycerides in their blood, even in various severe forms of hypertriglyceridemia and regardless of the base values or the treatment the patient usually receives.

–Universite de Montreal|2015-07-29

Atomic View of Bacterial Enzymes that Help Human Digestion

A group of researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada has reached deep into the human gut, plucked out a couple enzymes produced by bacteria residing there and determined their biological activities and molecular structures -- details that should shed new light on how we digest many of the foods we eat.

–American Crystallographic Association (ACA)|2015-07-29

Study Will Explore Taste Changes Related to Obesity, Gastric Bypass Surgery


Researchers at the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine will lead a collaborative four-year study aimed at understanding the neurological mechanisms responsible for changes in taste following Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery and also diet-induced obesity.

–University of Georgia|2015-07-27

Exercise Mimic Molecule May Help Treat Diabetes and Obesity


Scientists from the University of Southampton have developed a molecule that acts as an exercise mimic, which could potentially help treat type 2 diabetes and obesity.

–University of Southampton|2015-07-27

Good News for People Suffering from Fatty Liver Disease – Resistance Training Can Help

Approximately 30% of the population suffer from fatty liver disease, the commonest liver disease in the Western world. The disease can lead to inflammation and cirrhosis of the liver. A joint study by the University of Haifa and the Tel Aviv Medical Center has found that gym training, and not only aerobic exercises, can help reduce liver fat

–University of Haifa|2015-07-27

Body Fat Can Send Signals to Brain, Affecting Stress Response

The brain’s effect on other parts of the body has been well established. Now, a group that includes two University of Florida Health researchers has found that it’s a two-way street: Body fat can send a signal that affects the way the brain deals with stress and metabolism.

–University of Florida|2015-07-23

Drinking Beet Juice Regularly May Lengthen Your Workouts

A clinical study finds that regular consumption of beet juice had positive cardiovascular effects on subjects during exercise and led to increased endurance. The study is published ahead of print in the American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology.

–American Physiological Society (APS)|2015-07-22

News Today Tips the Scales Tomorrow

What’s in the newspaper today can predict how skinny or fat a country’s population will be tomorrow, says new research published in BMC Public Health.

–Cornell University|2015-07-21

Mom’s Weight During First Pregnancy May Impact Second Child


Saint Louis University researchers showed a relationship between mom’s weight during her first uncomplicated pregnancy and problems with subsequent babies.

–Saint Louis University Medical Center|2015-07-20

Illegal Wildlife Trade, Childhood Summer Obesity Spike, Artificial Live, and More Top Stories 20 July 2015

Other topics include limb lengthening, Alzheimer's research, medical licensing, and more.

–Newswise Trends|2015-07-20

Childhood Obesity Spikes During Summer Months

In the fight against childhood obesity, summer is one of the most challenging times of the year. Many children finish the school year in June fitter and leaner than when they go back to school in August

–Loyola University Health System|2015-07-17

Embargoed AJPH Research: Obesity and Attaining Normal Weight, Newborn Circumcision, Health Care Biases Based on Sexual Orientation

In this month’s release, find new embargoed research about obese people attaining normal weight; circumcision’s link to health insurance; health care providers’ biases based on sexual orientation.

–American Public Health Association (APHA)|2015-07-16

Does Salt Cause Thirst? It’s Really Not All That Certain

In a recent study conducted by Prof. Micah Leshem of the University of Haifa, no correlation was found between salt intake and an increased sense of thirst or more drinking of water – “Tavern owners can reduce the amount of salt in their bar snacks without fear of a cutting down their customers’ consumption of drinks,” says Prof. Leshem

–University of Haifa|2015-07-16

The Skinny on Summer Weight Loss From a Loyola Psychologist


It is mind over matter and here are tips to improve or maintain health this summer, says Allison Grupski, PhD, psychologist at Loyola Center for Metabolic Surgery & Bariatric Care.

–Loyola University Health System|2015-07-15

Half of Americans Over 40 Should Take Statins

...as a cost effective prevention of more serious cardiovascular-related health issues

– Newswise|2015-07-15

Poor Eating Habits Lead To Nutrient Gaps In Children

Nutrient gaps exist in all ages of children under 18 but adolescents and food insecure children are at greatest risk because of their eating habits, according to a July 14 presentation at IFT15: Where Science Feeds Innovation hosted by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) in Chicago.

–Institute of Food Technologists (IFT)|2015-07-15

This Is Your Brain on Fried Eggs


High-fat feeding can cause impairments in the functioning of the mesolimbic dopamine system, says Stephanie Fulton of the University of Montreal and the CHUM Research Centre (CRCHUM.) This system is a critical brain pathway controlling motivation.

–Universite de Montreal|2015-07-14

Innovative P.E. Curriculum Triples the Rate at Which Students Pass a State Physical Fitness Test, Study Finds


A physical education program that brings commercial-grade fitness equipment to under-resourced schools, along with a curriculum based on boosting confidence and making participation more enjoyable, dramatically increases students’ performance on California’s standardized physical fitness test, a UCLA study has found.

–University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Health Sciences|2015-07-14

New Center for Obesity and Bariatric Surgery Opens at Rush

The new Rush Center for Obesity and Bariatric Surgery at Rush University Medical Center offers the latest minimally invasive surgical procedures, comprehensive non-surgical approaches, support programs and research for the treatment of obesity.

–Rush University Medical Center|2015-07-13

Report Urges More Tribal Control Over Food Systems


The way food is produced, accessed and funded on tribal lands must be overhauled to combat the obesity and diabetes epidemics plaguing Native Americans, according to a report released Thursday.

–Voices for Healthy Kids|2015-07-09

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